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Albuquerque Property Values on the Rise (on the top 25 list)

Kiplinger's, January 2009

Metro area population: 832,774
Median home price: $275,000
12-month change in home value: -0.5%
Affordability index: 3/10
Homes sold this year: 8,144
Home value vs. national average: +37.5%
Top employer: Intel

While other midsize cities have fallen prey to rampant speculation, Albuquerque has hovered below the national real estate radar and largely avoided the subprime mortgage debacle. An influx of tech companies such as Eclipse Aviation, Hewlett Packard and Intel has helped fuel this Southwestern city's economy and attracted a young creative class.

Active retirees and immigrants have also migrated to the area, ensuring a well-rounded housing market. Experts project 9% population growth between 2006 and 2011, compared with 6% nationally.

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