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Growstones, Inc. Cracking the Mold

Written by: Stephanie Chang

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Improving Albuquerque's Footprint

Growstones Inc. has a manufacturing process that uses recycled materials to improve soil structure. Helping Albuquerque to overcome its limited ability to recycle glass, Growstones Inc. is breaking up the scene. Its patented manufacturing process takes glass from landfills and turns it into one hundred percent recycled products used for growing systems and soil improvements.  Staying innovative, Growstones Inc. creates products without the use of water during manufacturing and being a local recycler, thousands of gallons of transportation fuel are saved annually. Growstones was grown in Albuquerque and recently decided to open shop at 7600 Reading, near Broadway and Interstate 25. With over 24,000 square feet in their new building, Growstones has tripled its space from its previous location.

Keith Meyer and Jim Wible were the advisors who assisted with the lease. Collectively, they have been with NAI Maestas & Ward for over twelve years. Meyer and Wible’s unparalleled expertise with industrial properties brought Growstones to the ideal manufacturing facility.

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