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Investors offer free land on Albuquerque’s west side to right employer

Watch - Jim Wible's Interview on  Watch KOB 4 Eyewitness News

Some investors are offering up acres of land near Paseo del Norte for free, so long as they go to the right employer.

The west side of Albuquerque has been built up big time with housing developments, but large employers haven't quite kept up.

"This area of town doesn't have many jobs in it comparatively with the east side of town, that's where the majority of jobs are located so this is a good area to locate some other types of employers," NAI Maestas & Ward senior advisor Jim Wible said.

Some investors want to change that, so they're offering up free land in the Paseo and Unser area to a company that could help economic development.

"It'd be a good area to locate things like call centers, area headquarters, those kinds of things, and so if we had that type of opportunity where one of those types of employers came to town, they'd be considered an economic base job," Wible said.

That means once the employer is established, restaurants, dry cleaners and other services would likely start popping up nearby, creating even more jobs that would be great for people on the west side.

Wible says the investors would like to start by offering up about ten acres.

"There's a great source of employees out there. It's essentially at the intersection of Paseo del Norte and Unser - both very heavily traveled throughways for the city. This would be a great opportunity for someone to locate at that intersection," Wible said.


Investors offer free land on Albuquerque's west side for right employer (KOB 4 Eyewitness News)


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