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Local Entrepreneur Opens Cigar Shop

Christopher’s Mainstay Set For Grand Opening This July

Microbreweries poured passion and momentum into Christopher Mains' unique cigar shop concept, which includes a shave.

After over two decades in the IT industry, Christopher Mains disconnects from the technology scene and exhales his new Cigar Shop & Lounge into the intersection of Golf Course and Irving. Traveling all over the world to develop a sophisticated palate, Main recognized the need and desire for a luxury tobacco in the Southwest. Dry climates make it hard to produce a high quality product which makes for, what Chris says, a “high smoke quality.” Christopher spent the last year working with family and close friends to bring his passion to life. With the backing of his family and friends, planting hard work and using his life savings, Chris plans for this to be a family business that will grow for generations in the Albuquerque community.

Mains is ecstatic about the location of his cigar shop, stating that he was instantly drawn in by the view of the mountains and city, an invaluable ambiance that is needed for his client’s experience. Calder Conrad of NAI Maestas & Ward assisted Mains to secure the location. Conrad joined the team in 2013 and is known for his enthusiastic approach and talent to build strong relationships.

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