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NAI Maestas & Ward promotes Brett Hills to Senior Director

On a regular basis, we hear of a friend or colleague who appears to have risen meteorically to the top of their profession.  They seem to have done this with great ease, in a short period of time.  It appears they were lucky and simply struck the jackpot.  Most often this is not truly the case.  Typically that meteoric rise to the top was preceded by years of hard work, long hours, setbacks, failures, restarts, grit and determination.  Brett Hills has first-hand knowledge of the long haul before the “quick” success.  For years, there were many days when Brett was in the office before anyone else arrived, and stayed long after everyone else had gone home.  He has studied and learned, assembled and cultivated.  He has built his empire and his destiny one calculated minute after another.

This week, Brett has earned the status of Senior Director with NAI Maestas & Ward.  His success is a testament to his tenacity and resolve.  He earned his success the old fashioned way; with hard work and determination, and we are most delighted and honored to number him on our team.  Well done, Brett!!

- Debbie Harms, CEO


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