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3 Ways I Help YOU!

By Shelly Branscom -Director, NAI Maestas & Ward Office Team
July 2, 2019

Would you ask a podiatrist to treat you for strep throat?  Not likely.  The podiatrist could certainly prescribe you an antibiotic.  But is it the right medicine for you?

Would you junk a car with 60,000 miles because a check engine light comes on?  Not likely.  If you are like me, you’d call your spouse and share the problem so the two of you can come up with a solution to remedy the situation.

As YOUR commercial real estate expert, I am here to remedy your commercial real estate situation by assisting you with:

  1. Finding the building for you 
  2. In the right location 
  3. Within your budget

You are working in and on your business every day.  If you spend your precious time in search of a property, negotiating the transaction and managing the construction of your improvements, your business will begin to lose focus which will impact your bottom line. 

Allow me and my team of experts help you with the most important transaction of your business lifetime.  Let me tap into my resources while you continue to foster in your business. 

Together we can climb mountains. 

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