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Chiropractic Firm Expanding; Keeps Albuquerque Active

 SunBear Chiropractic Finds New Market to Keep Mobile

Written by: Stephanie Chang

Sunbear Chiropractic opens in the main shopping center of Bernalillo, bringing its services to an underserved area. 

Sunbear Chiropractic is locally owned and well known for its focus on patient education. Dr. William “Bill” Dogget, first opened Sunbear Chiropractic in 1982 and works with Dr. Fiutek to ensure the physical well-being of patients. Utilizing technology and having a passion for healing, Sunbear offers free exercise and educational videos on their website to keep patients actively informed. Sunbear remains committed to helping people, especially through the economic downturn. Because of this, they have expanded to the Bernalillo main shopping center. This new location will bring jobs to the area, as well as resources for those suffering back pain. With 1,200 square feet of leased space, Sunbear Chiropractic is fully operational and able to provide freedom through mobility.

This lease transaction was handled by Clayton King. Clayton is highly known for his marketplace needs assessments and ability to identify ideal solutions. His attention to detail resulted in Sunbear Chiropractic finding the opportunity to service new clientele in the Bernalillo market.

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