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NAI Maestas & Ward Welcomes Wayne Unze

Albuquerque, N.M. — Steve Maestas, Managing Partner of NAI Maestas & Ward Commercial Real Estate,announced today that Wayne Unze, formerly executive vice president of Vaughan Company Business Opportunities, will be joining his firm. Unze has managed the Vaughan Company business brokerage division for twenty-three years.

In making the joint announcement, Unze stated that he was making the move so he could concentrate on the ABCs of his profession (business appraisals, brokerage and consulting) and eliminate the management role that he has carried out for more than two decades. During this period, Unze has been involved in more than 850 brokerage transactions throughout New Mexico. He also serves as an expert witness for court-ordered business evaluations and provides consulting services for those wishing to buy,sell or start a business. Unze further stated, “This was an extremely hard decision, but knowing the great reputation of the Maestas & Ward team, I knew it was the correct one.They are a group of professionals second to none in the New Mexico real estate market.”

Maestas added, “Until today, we have not had an active business brokerage and appraisal division. Wayne’s addition will make NAI Maestas & Ward a one-stop center for all of our clients’ real estate and business brokerage needs.”

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