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Rizzi Paints Positive Picture For Small Business Success; Unze Gets Busy

Rizzi's acquisition was brokered by Wayne Unze, the veteran small business broker at NAI Maestas & Ward. Unze describes Rizzi's aggressive approach as very different from the laid-back entrepreneurs he normally encounters. Rizzi's aggressive approach is what is needed in a difficult environment, observes Unze, who sees a change on the horizon for small business sales.

"I could have double the listing by June, as many owners are waiting to get through the tax season before putting their businesses up for sale. Last year, they couldn't sell because they couldn't make enough to retire on. Now some are taking a more fatalistic approach, and are not willing to wait around until the economy recovers." Unze said. "A guy in his 70s is now saying, 'Maybe it's not so bad if I sell and get out now.'"

Unze warns that prices will be low, as revenue and cash flow have yet to recover. There are buyers looking to take advantage of the low valuations, and they will bargain hard, he says.

Source: New Mexico Business Weekly, April 8-14, 2011

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